Advanced Knowledge and Quick Resolution

The single biggest benefit to our company since we switched to Your Computer Hero is having their quick response on any issue. They keep us working efficiently. They provide advanced knowledge and quick resolution to any issue we have. Give Bill and the team at Your Computer Hero the opportunity to show you their expertise. You won’t be disappointed!

Scott Peterson Owner
FabTech Plastic & Metals
Ramsey, MN

Great Job with Customer Relationships

Your Computer Hero has easily managed our expectations. They are a local company and we get immediate service when needed. Your Computer Hero knows us by our company name and people, so we are not a number to them. They do a great job with their customer relationships. If you want your IT people to service your team specifically, choose Your Computer Hero.

Cindy Hemmer President
Distinctive Iron
Elk River, MN

Prompt, Knowledgeable, Friendly

Your Computer Hero responds promptly to our needs. We benefit from their ability to fix our IT problems fast. They are great at keeping us informed so things run smooth on our end with little or no down time. They provide friendly and fast service.

If you are on the fence about choosing Your Computer Hero as your business IT support, I would recommend them for sure! 😊

Darlene Kompelien Office Manager
Northwoods Machine, Inc.
Ramsey, MN

Excellent Value, Prompt Response, A Very Good Experience Every Time

When we lose one of our critical computers, we can’t do design work, make products or ship, so we must have a fast response.

Your Computer Hero responds promptly to service calls. They solve our IT problems quickly and are reasonably priced. I find them to be an excellent value in all the ways you want to measure it.

Your Computer Hero provides a very good experience every time.

J.P. Palmer Owner
JJJ Specialty
Elk River, MN

The Best!!!

The single biggest benefit to or company since we started using Your Computer Hero is that they respond promptly to fix problems. I have worked with Geek Squad and they seem to come and do way more than needed. Your Computer Hero does what I ask and then if they see something else that really should be done they let me know. I never feel overcharged for unnecessary fixes and they always fix my issues correctly.

Donna Matson Owner
Excel Electric
Anoka, MN

By Far the Best We’ve Found

With Your Computer get help as quickly as picking up a phone. Most of our problems are handled remotely, but if we need someone here, they send someone out fast. The ability to get help that quickly is a great plus.

Your Computer Hero does a better job on price, promptness and successful fixes then other IT firms we have worked with in the past.

Debby Smith Accounting & HR
Affiliated Insurance
Plymouth, MN

Superior Knowledge

Your Computer Hero has been the great support to our business. Their knowledge of computers software and servers far exceeds that of the IT people we have been associated with in the past.

You cannot go wrong using Your Computer Hero. The price is reasonable, but their service is what makes the difference.

Dan Mundt Owner
Contour Homes
Cedar, MN

Very Good Customer Service and Quality of Service

We’ve been satisfied customers of Your Computer Hero for over six years. Their customer service and quality of service have always been very good. Even though we’re small business, they response to us quickly.

The single biggest benefit they provide to our company is knowing that they are looking out for the security of our information and making sure that timely and appropriate updates are applied.

DeAnn Givens Owner
Geared Up Apparel
Elk River, MN

Excellent Customer Service and Quick Solutions

The biggest benefit we have had in working with Your Computer Hero is that they stay on top of all the updates/upgrades and give us excellent customer service.

Your Computer Hero always gets back to us. That is very important to us and they always get working on the problem and fix it ASAP.

Shaun Haggbloom Owner
Sterling Plastics
Lino Lakes, MN

No Reason To Look Elsewhere

Your Computer Hero provides expert quality IT services. They understand that small businesses have the same needs as big business, just on a different scale. They provide expert services without the outrageous cost.

Your Computer Hero is willing to explain, in layman’s terms, what I need then leave it up to me to decide what I will do. To tell you the truth, I almost always go with what they recommend! Your Computer Hero has never led me astray.

I have no reason to look elsewhere and that is a big relief.

John Vevea Owner
Ve-Ve Inc
Ramsey, MN

They Take Time to Understand Our Needs

Your Computer Hero takes time to understand our needs for IT support across our service sites. As we grow, they are responsive to our changing needs.

We have worked with Your Computer Hero since they started their company in 2004. Despite the attempts of others to solicit our business, we have not considered any other IT firm because of their service, responsiveness, and value for the cost.

I would tell everyone to go with Your Computer Hero. You will receive an excellent level of professional, knowledgeable, and individualized service.

Jodi S. MacLennan CEO
Partnerships for Minnesota Futures
Mendota Heights, MN

Extremely Knowledgeable

The single biggest benefit that Your Computer Hero has provided to our firm is their ability to troubleshoot problems. Bill and his team are extremely knowledgeable. I like the remote access that allows them to update our system and fix problems without the need to make a trip to our office. To anyone who is on the fence about choosing Your Computer Hero, I would recommend them because they respond quickly and keep you up and running!

Dan Rasmus Partner
Hovland, Rasmus, Brendtro & Trzynka
Edina, MN

High Quality, Professional Work

Your Computer Hero consistently provides high quality professional work. In addition, they are reasonably priced and respond quickly to our service needs. What more could you want from a tech provider?

James B Hovland Partner
Hovland, Rasmus, Brendtro & Trzynka
Edina, MN

Stability, Continuity, Reliability

We cannot thank you enough for your part in helping us remain open when the extreme needs and dependency on our programs just exploded! Our work now is more important than ever.

We must keep our doors open, not only for those experiencing homelessness but so that our staff remain employed and supported. In this extreme time, for the unknown of our unsettling future, we need to ensure stability, continuity, and reliability for everyone.

Julie Jeppson Executive Director
Stepping Stone Emergency Housing
Anoka, MN